His self-titled band Bon Jovi’s co-founder and also one of the most talented stars of the century, Jon Bon Jovi, has been recently interviewed by Ari Melber’s ‘Mavericks’ which is being aired by MSNBC and talked about many things from why he’s not following social media comments to the song he’s written for George Floyd.

As you might already remember, George Perry Floyd was killed during his arrestment on May 2020, after a store clerk asserted he had passed a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After the sad death of Floyd, Jon Bon Jovi was one of the musicians who heavily protested the incident by writing a song about George.

In the interview, Jon Bon Jovi was asked about the song he has written named ‘American Reckoning’ from his latest album, he stated that he was witness to history, and the best way for him to express his feeling was by writing a song.

Here is what he said about reading the comments about that song:

“I don’t read comments on the internet if that’s what you’re asking, I try to avoid that kind of stuff. I know that I wasn’t a part of the cancel culture either, and I gave all of the money for the year from the recording to Bryan Stevenson’s organization, for all the right reasons.

I was witness to history, I wrote a song, I didn’t want the money – I didn’t need the money, I gave it away, and that was it. And I got it right.”

You can watch the interview below.

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