Jon Bon Jovi, who is the founder of the legendary rock band Bon Jovi, spoke in a recent interview with Rock Antenna and talked about the recently released album of the band, 2020.

2020 album was planned to be released in May 2020, however, it got delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Two days ago, on October 2, the 48 minutes long album was published. Also, the band released 4 singles since 2019 from this album.

One of the singles named American Reckoning was published in July, and it was decided to the black person who died because of the racist police officers on the street, George Floyd, and made everybody saddened in the whole world.

Jon Bon Jovi explained why he was so affected by the death of George Floyd and said that being in the self-quarantine and watching these kinds of news every day made him so much emotional. Also, seeing George Floyd calling his mother on his last breath forced him to make a song for him. In this way, he showed the emotional part of this song.

Here is what Jon Bon Jovi said:

“I think it’s probably one of my best, I’m very proud of it and blessed to have written it. And it’s a difficult subject matter.

I was aware of all of the other shootings as they were reported on the news, I’ve been aware of the other George Floyds that came before, but for some reason, I was never moved to write it.

Maybe it’s because of the COVID lockdown, maybe it’s because we were all watching the news every day, all day. Maybe it’s because of the filming of it and the recording of it, you could hear it and see it, and it moved you so.”

He continued:

“But when I saw this man in that situation calling out for his mom with his last breath, it moved me emotionally. And so I wrote the song, and I had to be very careful to get it right.

And so I wrote it, I played it for my wife; she said, ‘It’s a great verse, the chorus isn’t good enough.’ I went back. I didn’t just say, ‘I’m right, you’re wrong.’ I went back and I worked on it.

And then I played it for several people of influence, real people of influence, and I played it for them and got their opinions so that I could defend every word.”

Jon Bon Jovi added:

“And then when we went in the studio, Tico fought me on it to make sure that he pushed me to title it ‘American Reckoning,’ and it was Tico, you know, that was a lyric in the song, it wasn’t the title.

And I agreed wholeheartedly when he and John, they pushed me in the studio – because it was ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ and they said ‘American Reckoning.’ And then it hit me and I said, ‘That’s the title – it’s even stronger.'”

Click here for the source and listen to the ‘American Reckoning’ right below.