Jon Bon Jovi, the founder and iconic frontman of Bon Jovi, has taken Twitter with a hilarious video to announce a fantastic project which includes unreleased tracks, exclusive backstage footage, personal photo archives, and more.

The successful musician, philanthropist, and actor, Jon Bon Jovi, has been hyping his fans for something special called, ‘The JBJ Experience,’ for a while now. As you may recall, Bon Jovi appeared before the cameras and talked about the project which will connect him with his fans a few days back.

Recently, Jon Bon Jovi has turned his serious tone into a funnier one with a video on Twitter. He promoted the exclusive experience while picking irrelevant things from a closet, such as an old headphone and a photo album as if they were what is presented in the experience.

While explaining ‘The JBJ Experience’ Jon Bon Jovi said that it’s something no one ever dreamed of. The experience offers access to pre-sale tickets, as well as to contests and prizes including VIP upgrades.

In addition to never before seen archival footage from the road and beyond, ‘The JBJ Experience’ includes four seasonal boxes full of Jon Bon Jovi’s favorite things.

Here’s what Jon Bon Jovi said in the video he shared on Twitter:

“You asked for it? We heard you. We have got never-heard-before tracks. We have got show tapes that have been in all forever.

Backstage access that no one ever dreamed of. Family photos. All of that and more. You have this. The JBJ experience.”

In the caption of the video, it was stated that:

“While we’re waiting… Here’s something to get your mind off things for a bit. The JBJ Experience, unreleased tracks, exclusive backstage footage, personal photo archives, and more… And you have all access.”

You can see the video below and check out the experience here.