Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, Bon Jovi, has shared a new video of their frontman, Jon Bon Jovi, on the verified Twitter account. In the post, Jon said that he decided to do something special for his fans amid coronavirus outbreak.

As we all know, people have been living in quarantine for some time because of the coronavirus outbreak. Celebrities also offer mini-shows at home to encourage people to stay at home.

Jon Bon Jovi sent a special message to his fans on Twitter with the tag ‘Do What You Can’ and sang some of the request songs, which is sent from fans, for them through the Youtube channel.

Here’s what Jon Bon Jovi said:

“I’m happy to hear and share your stories. Stay home! Write more!! Stay safe – JBJ #DoWhatYouCan”

A Twitter user named SuziVanderham commented and said:

“Glad to hear from you JBJ! After many years finally bought tix to STL show in July….so only a pandemic can keep me from you! I hope all is well by then & if not it’s ok – we have tunes to keep us hopeful!”

Another follower named Gpeake27 wrote:

“Life can be frightening at this moment in our lives. So it’s good to look for positives, like less pollution worldwide.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

You can also watch the special video via Youtube below.