In a recent interview with Ari Melber’s ‘Mavericks,’ Bon Jovi founder and frontman, Jon Bon Jovi, has talked about the iconic song of the band named ‘It’s My Life’ and also why he runs his band like a CEO and how he has learned to measure true success.

It’s My Life is one of the most popular songs of Bon Jovi which was released as the first single of their seventh studio album named ‘Crush.’ The song has managed to reach number one spot in many countries like Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, and the Netherlands in 2000.

In the interview, Jon Bon Jovi shared the backstory of the song as well as his long-time influencers in both the music and business industry while calling famous businessmen, Bob Kraft and Larry Tanenbaum.

Here is what Jon Bon Jovi said after the question:

“Different people for different reasons at different times. Whether it was the man who ultimately was my daughter’s godfather, but he happened by job description to be my lawyer; the neighbor across the street who put a guitar in my hand and yelled at me until I came back the second and third time…

The great songwriters who got it right and stayed true to who they were; guys like Bob Kraft in sports ownership who have been great mentors and dear friends, Larry Tanenbaum who owns the Raptors and their Maple Leafs – in my sports world, those two guys have been great influences.”

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