Legendary rock frontman Jon Bon Jovi has posted a new photo of himself on his official Instagram page’s stories section.

On that photo, Jon is holding Elton John’s autobiography in his hand. He also tagged Elton John’s Instagram account to show his repect to him.

You can see the photo below.

Two weeks ago, Jon has posted a photo of himself from a recent live show of his band, Bon Jovi. Here’s what he wrote for the photo he posted:

“As #THINFS comes to a close, all eyes on #2020…”

A fan wrote a comment and paid attention to possible new Bon Jovi album:

“Can’t wait for your new album. I wish I could of seen you all in Liverpool. But thankyou for every single you’ve given us right back to 1980 something. And a massive thankyou to all the bands wives and kids for their generous sacrifices in order for us to enjoy your wonderful music.”

Check out the social media post below.

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As #THINFS comes to a close, all eyes on #2020…

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