The iconic star from New Jersey and also the administrator of his self-named band, Jon Bon Jovi, posted a recent tweet on the official account of the band and broke long-time silence due to #TheShowMustBePaused and #BlackOutTuesday events.

As you might already following the news that almost every social media personality from our community have decided not to post anything on their accounts to protest the murder of George Floyd and Jon Bon Jovi has kindly joined them.

Here is what he’s written:


A follower of Bon Jovi named Sarika commented on the post:

“Jon, your heart is always in place. Your soul is beautiful. Role model or for all people. I’ve loved your music for 30 years, and everything you do. God bless you all, in these difficult times! Greetings from Hungary!”

Another Twitter user, Shaun Pau reveals his disappointment:

“Where is the statement? Where are the comforting words and support? I have admired you my entire life. And have been heartbroken by your silence at this time.”

You can check out the latest tweet of Bon Jovi below.