Jon Bon Jovi, the founder, and frontman of his self-titled band Bon Jovi has invited the band’s fans to a TikTok video challenge on his latest Instagram post.

Jon Bon Jovi has shared an amazingly funny TikTok video in which he takes the stage in front of ‘Hampton Water Rosé’ bottles. The video, which Jovi has made for the TikTok channel of his wine brand, got credit from his fans and everyone got excited to join the challenge the musician started.

Jovi asked his fans to ‘do what they can’ on TikTok by using the new song of Bon Jovi, ‘Do What You Can.’ Started the challenge with the hashtag, ‘Do What You Can Challenge‘, on this video, Jon Bon Jovi urged the fans to use their creativity as he did.

Here is what Jon Bon Jovi said on his latest Instagram post:

“Let’s see you “Do What You Can” on TikTok.

You can see the post below.