Jon Bon Jovi fueled a feud between him and Metallica when Bon Jovi arrived at the ‘Monsters of Rock’ concert with his helicopter. No one could hear the band’s performance because of the loud noise caused by the helicopter. After this disastrous concert, the Metallica frontman James Hetfield showed an extraordinary reaction to him.

Hetfield started to use a sticker named ‘Kill Bon Jovi’ on his 1985 Jackson King V Custom guitar, and he also said that Bon Jovi is a pretentious movie star rather than a musician. Bon Jovi answered Hetfield’s statements about him and his strange sticker with a photograph.

Jon Bon Jovi Was Photographed With Dave Mustaine

Every hardcore Metallica fan knows that Metallica’s original guitarist was Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine. However, Hetfield and Ulrich decided to fire him because of Mustaine’s alcohol addiction and control loss when he was very drunk. They hired Kirk Hammett as the lead guitarist as a replacement.

We all could agree that there were severe problems between Dave Mustaine and other remaining Metallica members. They started to target each other with their harsh comments. Bon Jovi’s counterattack was hanging out with the band’s former guitarist Dave Mustaine after the ‘kill Bon Jovi’ sticker.

Here’s what a fan asked about Mustaine’s friendship with Jon Bon Jovi:

“Were you a friend of Bon Jovi? Or was it just a casual pic? “

Mustaine responded:

“We had the same management.

Dave Mustaine stated that they had a mutual manager without saying anything about their friendship after a fan asked whether he was a friend of Bon Jovi or not by reminding the photo. Even though it turned out to be just a random picture, James Hetfield probably got very angry when he first saw this photo of Mustaine and Bon Jovi.

You can see the tweet below.