Korn frontman Jonathan Davis had a recent interview with Revolver on his birthday with the official YouTube channel of Revolver and talked about the band’s iconic logo as well as the name he was thinking besides Korn.

Korn was originally founded by the four members of the band in Bakersfield in 1993. As Munky, Reginald Arvizu, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, and finally, the frontman Jonathan Davis has formed the band in California, they were looking for a memorable name before recording their first-ever album.

While Jonathan was talking with their manager Larry at that time, he considered naming the band as ‘Korn.’ After the manager went against that idea, Jonathan left him with two choices as a band name: ‘Larry’ or ‘Korn.’ After naming the band, they’ve begun to talk about the logo and twisted the ‘R’ to make it look more spooky.

While sharing the story of how they named the band Korn, Jonathan Davis also unveiled the real reason why they’re not thinking about changing the logo of the band for almost thirty years.

Here is what Jonathan Davis told Revolver:

“We were trying to come up with a band name. Our manager at the time, Larry, we told him, ‘We’re going to call it Korn,’ and he’s like, ‘You can’t name your band Korn.’

So we told him, ‘Well, we’re gonna name it Larry then.’ And he’s like, ‘Fuck you.’ I’m like, ‘It’s gonna be either Larry or Korn. You fuckin’ pick.’ I fucking chuckle to this day that my bad’s name is Korn. It’s fucking funny. We twisted it and spelled it differently with the backward ‘R’ and made it kind of spooky, and it worked.

Fieldy was the telemarketer. Fieldy would get on the phone and he would hit promoters up and book the shows. So he’s like, ‘Man, we need a logo; We gotta send them a logo.’ I was like, ‘Shit… OK…’

I grabbed a crayon and a piece of paper and I wrote ‘Korn’ with my left hand like a child would write it and that became the logo. It was on a piece of envelope paper. And then we burned it into a screen printer and we started pulling stickers and then we smacked them everywhere – from Huntington Beach to Sacramento, we slapped those stickers on Stop signs, and people started going, ‘What the fuck is Korn?'”

He continued:

“That’s kind of how we got signed because at that time – there’s no internet, there’s no nothing. The genius of that cover was ‘Munky.’

Munky’s the one who came with that idea. He’s like, ‘This girl looking up in the sun and you see a shadow and you don’t know what it is…’ And then when we saw it – holy fuck, amazing. That freaked some people out. It was so spooky, that album cover, the way it looked.

And you see the band and there’s just so many different things that contradicted each other. Me and Munky looked the part but then you had [guitarist Brian Welch] ‘Head’ and Fieldy all hip-hopped out and [original drummer] David [Silveria] all buffed looking like a model – well, he was a model. It was just like, ‘What the hell is going on?’

I remember when there was like we were with another management, they wanted to change the logo. ‘Let’s update it, it’s been that way forever…’ Like, has Metallica ever changed their logo? Like, has AC/DC ever changed their fucking logo? What are you fucking talking about? Don’t mess with it.

That was just out of necessity; we just had to do it. It was rushed. ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ Sometimes when you don’t think about stuff, it just comes out great.”

You can watch the latest video of Revolver below.

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