Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently gave an interview to Music Feeds in which he talked about what lies ahead of Korn as Fieldy has decided to step away from the band.

Back on June 21, 2021, Korn announced that their bassist Reginald’ Fieldy’ Arvizu will take a break from the band, and thus he won’t accompany them on the stage during their summer tour. After the news, Suicidal Tendencies’ Ra Díaz replaced Fieldy.

Fieldy then posted an announcement to reveal the reason behind his decision to take a hiatus. According to the bassist, he was dealing with personal issues for a long time, and this resulted in him falling back into some bad habits.

After this announcement, Korn broke their silence to show some support for Fieldy. They also took to Facebook to state that health and family come first, and they will love and support Fieldy during these dire times.

In a recent interview with Music Feeds, Korn’s Jonathan Davis talked about what keeps Korn together despite these hiatuses and breaks. He stated that they share a passion for playing music, and they still love going on tours and performing live.

So, according to Jonathan Davis, it’s okay if some members need to take a break as all Korn members are sensitive about each other’s needs, and they see each other as the same and equal in the band.

During the interview, Music Feeds asked Jonathan Davis the following:

“You’ve all taken different paths in your personal lives; Head left the band for a while, Fieldy is taking a break at present. What do you think keeps you all so close?”

Jonathan Davis then answered:

“We just all have a shared passion for playing music. We love going on tour and playing live. We love writing music. It’s a dream for us still, and we’re not burnt out on it at all.

Some members need to take a break here and there, and I get that. We’re all really sensitive about everybody’s needs. Everyone’s the same and equal in the band, and it’s just a magic thing – we all get along really well.”

On December 20, 2021, Munky stated that Korn is trying to pull back to let Fieldy figure out what he wants to do after recovering from his personal problems. As Munky implied, the band will be okay even if Fieldy decides to continue with them.