Korn’s iconic frontman Jonathan Davis spoke in a recent interview with Steve-O’s Wild Ride and remembered the earlier days of his life before becoming a frontman.

In the conversation, Jonathan revealed that he has been working for the coroner’s office when he was seventeen years old and stated that he started doing autopsies at the same age.

Afterward, Jonathan became an embalmer, and he was studying to be an investigator so he didn’t have to do autopsies anymore. Later on, he got a call to the tryouts for Korn and earned his spot for the band. With this statement, Korn singer managed to surprise everybody.

Interviewer said:

“I think my favorite thing that I’ve learned about you is working in the coroner’s office.”

Here is what Jonathan Davis said:

“Yes sir, I did that. I started when I was 17; there was actually a class in high school, it’s called ROP – Regional Occupation Program.

So, you go in there, and they wanted to do something in the health industry, you know?

So we’re doing all kinds of stuff, going in the hospital and being assistants, and then the coroner’s office came up, and at that time I was so – I’ve always just been, I don’t know, something about the dark stuff has always grabbed me.”

He continued:

“So I’m like, ‘I wonder what’s like to go cut up dead bodies…’ So I went up, I did three interviews to get in – they had to do a psyche background and everything – and I finally got in, and I started doing autopsies at 17.

So I did that 17-18, and then I went to Frisco, and went to the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science and became a mortician, came back here, was an embalmer, and then at night I would go to the coroner’s office and I was studying to be an investigator so I didn’t have to get my hands dirty, per se, doing an autopsy.

I’d just be an investigator and go investigate deaths, and then I got the call to try out for Korn, and that was it.”

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