During a recent interview with ‘Kerrang Magazine,’ Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis looked back in 2019 and talked about some struggles he had recently experienced.

While talking about his late wife Deven, who has passed away in August 2018, Davis revealed how Deven’s death affected the latest studio album of the band, ‘The Nothing.’ He also described this album as very emotional and dark.

Here’s what Jonathan stated:

“It was bittersweet. I wanted to put it out there, and I thought that if there are people going through the same things as me, it could help them. It’s a very emotional, dark record.

It felt like a proper Korn record, and we hadn’t done one of those in a long time. But on the other hand, I was hurting really bad. Back on our first record, I was singing about stuff that had happened in my childhood; I had time to let things pass. But this shit was fresh.”

He continued by saying it was the worst year of his life:

“I was ready for 2018 to be over and done with. It was the worst year of my fucking life. I was looking at 2019 to start over.

Fuck everything that’s ever happened to me, I’m gonna look forward, keep pushing on and really start to get everything, with Korn and me personally, going in a good direction.”

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