Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently gave an interview to Metal Hammer in which he admitted he got mad after Chester Bennington and David Draiman re-recorded the songs he was supposed to sing.

In the early 2000s, Jonathan Davis collaborated with the composer Richards Gibbs for some film soundtracks while on tour with Korn. Later on, Warner Bros. asked them to work on the vampire movie ‘Queen Of The Damned.’ They then composed eight songs, and only five made it to the film.

In the movie, these songs were sung by the band The Vampire Lestat. Although Davis’ vocals are heard in the film through the vocals of Lestat, they didn’t appear on the 2002’s soundtrack album due to some contractual issues. So, he and Gibbs were forced to re-record the songs with Chester Bennington and David Draiman on vocals.

In an interview with Metal Hammer, Jonathan Davis recalled this incident. The Korn singer stated that he was pissed off when he learned about the decision and was pretty mad as he had spent so much time working on the songs in the soundtrack.

Moreover, Davis revealed that the success of the soundtrack album gave him the confidence to work on other projects. The musician then said his 2018 album ‘Black Labyrinth’ also raised his spirit and the music efforts he made are pretty dark and vampiric in nature.

In the interview with Metal Hammer, Jonathan Davis said the following about the incident:

“Oh, that f*cking pissed me off! I was so f*cking mad, like, ‘Are you kidding me? You know how hard I worked on this, right?'”

Asked whether this album helped him to leave his comfort zone, Davis also said:

“It totally did. It gave me the confidence to reach out and start doing more. My solo record, 2018’s ‘Black Labyrinth,’ is in that slot too. That’s just what I write; I write dark, vampiric music.”

Following the success of ‘Queen Of The Damned’ soundtrack, Jonathan Davis continued working on solo projects. His 2018 solo album ‘Black Labyrinth’s first single ‘What It Is’ was also released as a soundtrack to another movie titled ‘American Satan.’