Korn’s members Jonathan Davis, James Shaffer, and Brian Welch gave an interview to Kerrang!, in which Davis opened up about some emotional moments from his life.

As you may have noticed, an important band member, Reginald Arvizu, was missing from the interview. Arvizu, also known as ‘Fieldy,’ has been dealing with some personal problems and he decided to take a break from the band, as was announced by Korn’s official Instagram account on July 2021. Fieldy had also stated that he intends to focus on his mental health and wants to avoid any tensions with his bandmates.

During the interview, the band members also addressed Fieldy, who has been away from them for quite some time now, and they informed the fans that he played on Korn’s latest album, ‘Requiem,’ which will be released on February 4, 2022. Korn’s members stated that they also have had their own struggles and are still dealing with them. Thus, they understand Fieldy and have always supported him. Welch said that he is sure that Fieldy will heal and be okay after some time.

After Shaffer and Welch, Jonathan Davis also stepped into the conversation and said in an emotional tone that he loves Fieldy and he will do whatever he can to support him. It is, for sure, understandable that Davis is more sensitive about this topic than others because he lost his wife due to combined drug intoxication in 2018. It can be deduced from Davis’ words that he still feels guilty about his wife’s passing since he could have been ‘a little bit tougher.’

Here is how Davis talked about Fieldy:

I love him; he’s my brother. But I watched somebody I care about die and I’m not going to fucking do that again. I refuse to. I will feel guilt for the rest of my fucking life because of that. I tried my hardest, but perhaps if I’d been a little bit tougher, there’d have been a different outcome. I pray that he can figure it out and get better and come back and be a huge part of this band again.”

Jonathan Davis is well aware that losing someone with whom you have a close relationship is quite challenging to handle, and he doesn’t want to experience the same thing again. Thus, Davis gets emotional when it comes to Fieldy, and he hopes from the bottom of his heart that his bandmate will come back and reunite with them in a short time.