Speaking in a recent interview with The Jasta Show podcast, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis revealed his thoughts about Korn’s music genre.

He claimed that Korn is not metal band. It’s heavy but not metal… Here’s the statement:

“Korn is heavy, but I’ve always said Korn was never really a… I mean, it’s heavy, but it’s not a metal band. Metal, to me, is a different attitude — it’s a whole different thing. I’m glad we’re embraced by it.

I think it’s more of the Iron Maidens… That term ‘metal’… When we came out, no one knew what the fuck to do with us — they didn’t know what to do with us — and it was the metal community that embraced us, and that’s where we went. But we were something different to that — we were more of a funky rock… I don’t even know what the hell we were doing… alternative — whatever it was.

But I’m very grateful to the metal community for embracing us and taking us in. But I never got that — I never understood the metal thing, because metal’s really extreme. I mean, I love it — don’t get me wrong — but I never felt that we fit that mould. Maybe because we were doing something different. Now that I’m older, it’s all good — call us whatever the fuck you want. Thank you for listening still 25 years later…”

Here’s the interesting part of the interview… He said that he didn’t know anything about Megadeth when he formed Korn. Read from below:

“To be honest, I didn’t know about Megadeth or any of that shit [when Korn first started]. I’m like an ’80s New Romantic kid — you can tell in my solo music. That’s the beauty of Korn — we’re all into different shit, and it comes out together and this is what makes Korn. But I didn’t listen to [any metal].

I listened to and loved Led Zeppelin. And then when I was really young, when Mötley Crüe ‘Shout At The Devil’ came out, and Dio ‘Holy Diver’… and what else? Some Iron Maiden… Right when I started listening to it, my dad grabbed it and burnt the shit, ’cause [he thought] it was Satanic and I was forbidden to listen to it.

So that pushed me in another [direction]. [I was, like], ‘Well, fuck you, dad. I’m gonna find something else.’ And that’s when I got into Skinny Puppy and Ministry and all that Wax Trax shit. And that’s when I went that way and [got into] more gothic stuff.”

4 days ago, he premiered the new music video for his new track called “Basic Needs”. The track taken from his latest solo album  “Black Labyrinth”. Watch the video below.

You can listen the entire interview from below.