Korn’s frontman Jonathan Davis joined GQ for an interview in which he claimed that Korn was considered a bad influence on the fans.

There is no doubt that Korn is among the most prominent representers of the nu-metal genre and the band which brought the genre into the mainstream. Formed in 1993, Korn still continues to make new efforts while representing the issues often left out in the music scene.

Korn’s lyrics carry the elements of pain, personal alienation, mental health, and self-esteem issues. Moreover, the band’s frontman Jonathan Davis generally refects his personal experiences in the lyrics. So, their songs are sincere explorations of sensitive subjects, and they are relatable.

HBO’s documentary ‘Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage’ made a connection between the rebelliousness and anger of nu-metal fans and the political and cultural bipolarity, while talking about the chaotic atmosphere of the Woodstock festival. Davis also appeared in the documentary to share his insights on the disaster that took place back then.

In the interview by GQ, Jonathan Davis talked about HBO’s new documentary and touched upon the way Korn is represented in the mainstream media. He said that Korn has always been rebellious, and it’s their attitude. Following that, Davis talked about the documentary and claimed it made them look like a bad influence.

Jonathan Davis told GQ in the interview that:

“We’ve always been rebellious. The band’s name is Korn, for f*ck’s sake. It just sums everything up about our attitude.

I think that HBO documentary, they twisted it to make us look like some bad influence or some shit. I guess we’re just doing our job, and rock ‘n roll has always been given a bad reputation.”

Although Korn’s music might be violent for some, it actually has a way of supporting those who need it. Moreover, Korn members frankly admit that their music is about mental health and suffering and how they are trying to ease the pain through the music.