During a recent interview with Revolver, Korn lead vocalist Jonathan Davis looked back on when the band first got signed by a record label. The musician also revealed the genius plan they came up with before sealing a record deal.

When Korn was founded back in 1993, the band members needed a name to represent themselves as a new group since their line-up already consisted of members from another band named ‘L.A.P.D.’

When thinking of a band name, someone from the band suggested the name ‘Corn.’ However, the idea was initially rejected by the band. Guitarist James Shaffer, also known as Munky, came up with the idea to spell the name with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C.’

In addition to this, the guitarist suggested they write the ‘R’ backward so that the band’s name would appear as ‘KoЯn.’ Vocalist Jonathan Davis designed the logo of the band, and he recently recalled the perks of their name and logo and how it impacted the start of their career.

When their ‘telemarketer’ Fieldy called numerous promoters to book shows during the early days of their career, the band realized that they needed a logo. That’s when Jonathan Davis grabbed a crayon and wrote the band’s name with his left hand, which gave birth to their iconic logo.

After their brilliant design for the band’s logo, they printed out as many stickers as they could. Their plan was to stick their logos everywhere they could to promote their band in a world without the internet. Eventually, their idea worked perfectly for them as Korn got signed.

About the band’s name, Davis said:

“We twisted it and spelled it different with the backward ‘R’ and made it kind of spooky, and it worked. Fieldy was the telemarketer because he used to telemark. Fieldy got on the phone and hit promoters up to book shows. He was like, ‘Man, we need a logo, we’ve got to send them a logo.’

I was like, ‘Shit!’ I grabbed a crayon and a piece of paper, then I wrote ‘Korn’ with my left hand as a child would write it. That became the logo on a piece of envelope paper. We burned it into a screen printer and started pulling stickers.

Then we smacked them everywhere from Huntington Beach to Sacramento. We slapped those stickers at stop signs, and people started, ‘What the fuck is Korn?’ That’s kind of how we got signed because, at that time, there’s no internet, there’s no nothing.”

You can check out the whole interview below.