In a recent interview with Louder Sound, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis talked about the band’s 1998 album “Follow the Leader”.

He said that ‘Follow the Leader is my album of self-destruction’, and continued:

“There’s none of my childhood stuff going on anymore. This is more about me dealing with pressures I put on myself. The pressure of what it’s like to be in this band, of being a father, all kinds of shit.”

He continued:

“Being a father changed me for the better. [Jonathan’s eldest son] Nathan was two years old when I decided to get clean and that was solely because I was worried about me being here for him.

Lyrically though, and the things that go on my head, no it hasn’t changed me. My boys just think I’m crazy. Although my eldest is now a man and that’s fucking with my head.”

He also talked about Korn’s legacy:

“I think Korn’s legacy will be that we helped a lot of kids deal with bullying issues, molestation issues, suicide, drug issues – that’s the only reason I’m still here.

To do meet and greets and see people crying saying we saved their life with a song, you can’t get paid any amount of money to make you feel like that.

That drives me to keep doing what I do because it touches so many people and that’s what rock ‘n’ roll was about back in the day.”

Click here to source of the statement. (Louder Sound)