Blues guitarist Jonny Lang spoke in an interview with Ultimate-Guitar and explained that why he recorded his entire album on a 5-watt amp. Here’s the statement:

“I used my Tele and the Les Paul quite a bit, but the real hero of the guitar parts on the record was this little amp I was using. It’s a little National 5-watt amp with an 8-inch speaker.

That thing is on pretty much every song. I just got different sounds out of it by using the tone knob on the guitar or turning it down a little bit.

There was no pedals I used really, it was just plugging straight into that amp. It’s my friend’s amp and I saw it sitting in the corner so I thought I would try it out. I plugged into it and it sounded like a wall of Marshalls. It’s amazing how those little amps can get such great sounds in the studio sometimes.

[Switching to lower-watt amps in the studio] makes sense from a studio engineering standpoint where there’s just less to deal with, sonically. It’s just this little thing that you can throw a mic in front of and it’s easier to control in the studio.

The small vintage amps – like the cheap ones Sears made, they sound so good because they’re so poorly made, honestly.”

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