ream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess spoke in an interview with The Classic Metal Show, and revealed the Dream Theater album which was probably have biggest production ever.

He said that ‘probably Dream Theater’s biggest production ever – ‘The Astonishing.’ Read the entire statement below.

Interviewer asked:

“‘The Astonishing’ – was this record kind of, like, a reaction to that album? It was a polarizing record, it’s really the first time in your career that you guys kind of had any sort of significant backlash from at least a portion of your fan base. Was this record kind of, like, written as a reaction to that?”

Jordan responded:

“Not really. I think of it this way: Dream Theater had a long career and we were at a point where we could try something we wanted to do that was creatively different and enjoyable.

So we definitely went down a path that we wanted to pursue. We’re not flying, we’re pretty aware of what’s going on, we knew what we were doing, we knew not everybody was going to love it because it was gonna be a little bit different.

But we felt a desire to go down that path and we put together a big show around it – probably Dream Theater’s biggest production ever – ‘The Astonishing.’ No surprise some people came back and were, like, ‘I’m not into it,’ or whatever, because it was not supposed to be that kind of thing.

For this album, it’s important after doing ‘The Astonishing,’ which was written by John Petrucci and myself, to go back to what the band’s been about for the, you know, since the onset of the career, which is about the group kind of energy.

Return to form, if you will, going more into a core kind of sound what we’ve been known for, you can only depart from that so much without totally not being who you are.”

Listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source. (Ultimate-Guitar)