Josh Homme’s 15-year-old daughter Camille was recently granted an extension for a restraining order against her father by a Los Angeles judge. However, her mother, Brody Dalle, and her two brothers’ requests about the order were denied by two judges before.

Queen of the Stone Age vocalist Josh Homme and The Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle met very young. Seven years later, they started dating and tied the knot on December 3, 2005. The couple had a daughter named Camille, two sons Orrin and Wolf, but Dale filed for divorce in 2019.

Josh Homme’s Family Accused Him Of Domestic Abuse

Dalle claimed that Homme’s addiction caused their break-up, and even though Homme entered the rehab, they separated. She then accused him of domestic abuse against her and their children by death threats, groping the boys’ privates, emotional and physical violence.

Homme’s lawyer denied these claims saying that they aren’t true without any further statement. After two judges rejected the restraining order requests, a Los Angeles judge granted the extension of the order to his teenage daughter Camille.

So, according to the recent court order, Homme had to stay away from all of his children and can only interact with his two sons through FaceTime calls for 15 minutes every day until November. It’s not clear that whether this temporary restriction order will continue or not after November.