In a recent interview with VWMusic’s Andrew Daly, guitarist Josh Klinghoffer revealed why the timing of his departure from Red Hot Chili Peppers and recruitment to Pearl Jam was great.

Before joining Red Hot Chili Peppers, the multi-instrumentalist Josh Klinghoffer had taken on many projects since he was 15. He played for the alternative rock band, The Bicycle Thief, which opened for RHCP as the latter was on tour promoting their seventh studio album, ‘Californication.’ He then joined the RHCP in 2009.

With John Frusciante’s return to RHCP, Josh Klinghoffer was dismissed from his position as the band’s guitarist. Klinghoffer wasn’t only a session guitarist but also a fully-pledged member who recorded two studio albums with the band, respectively ‘I’m With You,’ which was released in 2011, and ‘The Getaway’ released in 2016. When it was time for the former guitarist John Frusciante to return to the band, Klinghoffer was released from his duty as RHCP didn’t need two guitarists.

After his dismissal, Klinghoffer went on to launch his own band, Pluralone and released two albums. Besides his solo projects, it was announced that he would join Pearl Jam’s live band and North American and European tour ‘Gigaton.’ In a recent interview, Klinghoffer discussed how the process of his dismissal from Red Hot Chili Peppers was actually relatively smooth as he went on to join Pearl Jam’s live band.

When the interviewer asked the guitarist if the process of him being announced as a member of the Seattle band had anything to do with his appearance in Eddie Vedder’s solo record ‘Earthling,’ Klinghoffer explained that it was a process that started long before that. According to the guitarist, he and Eddie Vedder spoke about the future possibility of him joining the band only days after his departure from the RHCP. It was perfect timing for Klinghoffer as he was able to continue playing for another prestigious band.

The interviewer Andrew Daly asked the following question:

”Can one assume you found your way onto the road with Pearl Jam through your work with Eddie Vedder on his latest record, ‘Earthling?’ Walk me through your initial conversations in joining Eddie, and subsequently, Pearl Jam’s roadshow.”

To which Klinghoffer responded by saying:

”No, one cannot assume that. My conversation with Eddie about joining Peal Jam on their (at the time) next tour was a year and a half before the ‘Earthlings’ landed or were in existence. The timing of my leaving the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam deciding they needed an extra voice and set of hands on the tour for the ‘Gigaton’ record could not have been more perfect. Eddie and I spoke about it on his birthday in 2019, eight days after my dismissal from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

It is clear from his words that the transition process from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Pearl Jam occured at the right time for Josh Klinghoffer. The guitarist released his third studio album ‘This Is The Show’ on March 17, 2022, with his project Pluralone and is on the road with the rock legend Pearl Jam, promoting their latest studio album ‘Gigaton.’