Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd was interviewed by RockSverige and told the story of how getting arrested changed his life. Also, he remembered the time when he had alcohol poisoning.

Unfortunately, Todd had been fighting with his alcohol and drug addiction which started when he was very young until he decided to get sober and live a healthier life. His addiction was so out of control that he was very close to death, and he told one of these moments in his recent interview.

The singer revealed that he had alcohol poisoning when he was 23 years old. As a result, his hands were paralyzed for almost an hour, but he didn’t realize that alcohol consumption caused that at that time. Todd added that he attended a life-changing meeting after he was arrested due to drunk driving years ago.

Josh Todd understood that there were many people who went through hard times, but they were able to get rid of it. Therefore, he continued to go to anonymous alcoholics meetings and changed his way of thinking and living in general as he knew that it was his last chance.

Todd recalled these times saying:

“I got arrested for drunk driving in Orange County and got assigned all these AA meetings for my DUI program. I started going to the meetings, and at some point, some guy stood up and he didn’t look like me. He was just a nine-to-fiver-type guy, shirt and tie, and I didn’t know that people lived sober. He basically told my story. He talked about how he drank and did drugs and it was, like, ‘Oh my God, this is me.’

That gave me the courage to just raise my hand and say ‘Newcomer.’ That’s when everything changed. I knew this was the last stop on the block. I was heading to jail, institutions, or death. I had already had alcohol poisoning at 23, and at one point my hands were paralyzed for a good hour and I didn’t know it was alcohol poisoning.”

He added:

“I had been doing crystal meth and drinking for three days straight, got alcohol poisoning and it scared the shit out of me. I had a lot of those moments of clarity while I was drinking and using but I couldn’t stop. That’s how I got sober and I just never looked back. I knew that as long as I put sobriety on the top of my list, everything else will work out in my life. And look at me, it all worked out.”

Consequently, it can be understood from Todd’s statement that he ‘put sobriety on top of his list’ to not end up in jail or coffin. Now, the frontman has been sober for 27 years which became a great inspiration for his fans.