Famous rock journalist Eddie Trunk spoke at the recent episode of his podcast Trunk Nation, and revealed the ‘funniest story’ about Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth.

He said that ‘I talked to somebody at NAMM this past week who said the funniest story about Roth’, and continued:

It was the Van Halen Live from Tokyo thing, which unanimously was panned because of the vocal. And, in some ways, as I’ve said numerous times I give a lot of credit to because we talk about all these guys singing to tracks or rerecording vocals for live records or DVDs but we should credit Roth because he put it out the way it actually sounds!

Somebody at NAMM said to me, and these are all trusted and real people, folks. These aren’t fans but people who are actually in the business that have these connections. This person said that Roth, when this record came out talked about it and something to the effect of:

‘You want that record to come out with your vocals sounding like that? Are you OK with that?’ and he said something, in classic Roth fashion like, and I’m paraphrasing here but something to the effect like:

‘Yeah man if anybody is going to sing these songs out of key and out of tune, nobody is going to sing em’ better than Diamond Dave!’ Or something like that, like ‘if it’s going to be bad, no one is going to deliver that as bad as Diamond Dave!’ and Roth just owned it, he just owned it up, which is just wonderful, he owned it up.”

He also said:

“Nobody is talking about David Lee Roth in all of this. Meaning, when they did that live [in Tokyo] record and they did the last tour, all anybody talked about was David Lee Roth and it wasn’t in the best of ways. It was a lot about his performance, the way his performance style has evolved and about his ability to sing.

By every measure, if Van Halen does do anything, Roth is still the guy. I don’t think with age and with as amazing of a shape that David Lee Roth is in, it’s going to get any better.”

Click here to source of the statement (Alternative Nation).