Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill opened up about the band’s longevity during a recent interview with The Morning Call. Apparently, the key to their success is that every band member is still relevant regardless of their age. Hill also admitted that since they are all in their 70s, their disbandment doesn’t seem far away.

As many of you know, Judas Priest has been frequently regarded as one of the greatest metal bands since its formation in 1969. They have sold over 50 million copies of their albums worldwide, and they have been creating an innovative and pioneering body of work for the past five decades.

Despite a decline in exposure from time to time during their career, the band managed to get up on its feet with a more successful record every single time. Now, Judas Priest is preparing themselves for their 50th-anniversary tour that kicks off on September 8 at the Santander Arena in Reading, PA, with nearly 40 shows all over the United States and Canada before moving to Europe.

Since this tour will celebrate surviving for 50 years in the music industry, it’s not surprising that nearly all of the band members are in their 70s, except for the drummer Scott Travis who is 60, and lead guitarist Richie Faulkner who is 41. Therefore, Ian Hill appreciated their success during a recent interview and admitted the obvious truth.

According to Hill, every member of Judas Priest is aware that the band’s career will soon end due to their age. However, the bassist didn’t forget to mention that they will continue their shows as long as their happy with their performance which means that they’ll call quits when they are no longer capable of putting out quality music.

Hill explains how the band is close to its end:

“None of us is stupid. We all know how old we are, and you still groan when you get out of a chair and stuff like that. You know the end date is looking at you, right in the face.

I think the yardstick is, as long as we can put on a good quality show and make quality music, we’ll continue, you know? But if standards start to drop a little bit, well, there’s no real point in doing that sort of stuff.

While it’s devastating to hear that one of the members of Judas Priest admitted their retirement is close, fans are still happy that they get to see the band tour before their disbandment. Hopefully, all band members will manage to protect their shape and keep making good music, as they have for the past 50 years.