The official Twitter account of Judas Priest shared a tweet announcing that they now have an official TikTok account. The band also shared its first post on the popular social media platform, including the footage of Rob Halford‘s iconic stage entrance on his motorcycle.

For those of you who may not know, lead singer Rob Halford has made one of the most famous stage entrances in the history of rock. For years, the vocalist entered the stage on his huge Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and fans have loved witnessing such a show.

While his one-of-a-kind entrance is legendary for every Judas Priest fan, it also caused some trouble to the musician. There were a few times he had a motorcycle accident on stage, one of which ended up with a broken nose and his departure from the band.

Judas Priest recently shared a post on its official Twitter page, making a thrilling announcement. As TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms, the band decided to join their fans by creating a brand new account.

The band’s tweet follows:

“Rolled onto TikTok and ready to rock.”

For their first post on TikTok, Judas Priest shared the legendary entrance of Rob Halford, which was a brilliant choice considering how fans love witnessing those monumental seconds. Their first post has nearly a thousand views, which is promising, considering it has been a few hours since they created an account.

The caption under the first post goes:

“TikTok, we’re here and ready to rock.”

Right after their first post, the band also shared another video on their official TikTok account, and this time they revealed footage from a live performance. They added flames all over the video, which was accurate as their performance was on fire. Fans now wait to see if the band will continue sharing posts or forget the account like many other musicians who had enthusiastically created a TikTok account.

You can see the Twitter post below.