Rob Halford, the lead vocalist of Judas Priest, shared a picture of himself while shopping without a mask on his official Instagram page, and fans assumed he did not care about the precautions while the reality was otherwise.

Everyone has been pretty cautious when it comes to COVID-19, especially on social media accounts. Spreading awareness and keep society healthy is now more important than ever due to coronavirus. Because of the world’s current situation, when fans see a celebrity without a mask or not caring about the social distance, they instantly start to online shaming.

Rob Halford mostly uses his official Instagram account in order to share pictures of himself on stage, cool pictures from old photoshoots, fan drawings, and his new projects. Once again Halford recently shared a picture of himself while shopping after midnight on his official Instagram page but this time fans did not like what they saw since Halford was not wearing a mask while he is outside.

Luckily most of his fans were not quick to judge and Halford was not wandering outside without a mask. It turned out, in the caption section, that it was a throwback picture of Halford and he was not being careless about the pandemic.

Here is what Halford said about his picture:

“Firepower tour TBT; do you go shopping after midnight maniacs?”

You can see the Instagram post below.