Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford spoke in an interview with Bandwagon and explained his thoughts about Japanese metal band Babymetal.

“I think Babymetal are one of the most unique metal experiences in the world right now. Not only their appearances, and their style and everything that surrounds them visually but they’re an incredible band as well.

I met the band a couple of years ago in America and they’re so passionate about metal, they know everything about metal music and they’ve created a very special feeling and experience within the entire world of metal.

They work extremely hard to create something unique and I think it’s paying off and they’re doing such an amazing job. In fact, I was watching the new music video for ‘Starlight‘ and even with one member leaving, they still sound great.”

On their latest album, “Firepower”, he said:

“It’s a mixture of emotions. We’re definitely very humbled, extremely grateful, thrilled, motivated, it’s just an incredibly uplifting time for Judas Priest and I think it also reemphasizes the fact that music kind of takes a life of its own when you release to your fans around the world.

It connects the metal family, the Judas Priest family and in Singapore. Those are the emotions that pop into my head almost immediately: Just a lot of gratefulness.

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