Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford talked about their lead guitarist Glenn Tipton during a recent appearance on Metal Pilgrim.

Glenn Tipton joined Judas Priest back in 1974, and he is still a member of the band. However, he can not tour with the band since 2018 due to his Parkinson’s Disease. But yet he still played on their last album, Firepower.

While Rob was saying that Glenn is still playing guitar but he does it in a different way now due to his disease, he also praised the talent of the legendary guitarist by saying that he is a unique metal guitar player.

According to Rob, there is no other guitar player like Glenn in the metal music industry. Also, Rob mentioned the beauty of lead breaks of Glenn and said that they are remarkable and breathtaking to listen to.

Rob Halford said:

“I’m in touch with Glenn all the time, and he’s always very grateful and moved by the moments that we talk about his incredible legendary life in metal.

He’s a unique metal guitar player, there is no other guitar player like Glenn Tipton in heavy metal because he crafted such a unique way of playing the guitar. You listen to his lead breaks and they’re absolutely breathtaking.

The amount of time and effort and work that he puts into every lead break is probably unknown. People think he just lets it fly from his fingers, and to some extent that’s true, but when it comes to actually composing the lead breaks, it’s just remarkable.”

He continued:

“He’s so fanatical, in the best sense of that word, in getting the absolute maximum experience out of every note of a lead break that I know from any of the lead guitar players. In his genre, in his style, there is only one Glenn Tipton.

And he’s left this incredible legacy of guitarmanship that still today is a wonderful resource, particularly for new guitar players in heavy metal.”

You can listen to the interview below.