Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill had a recent interview with Thorn of Rock and revealed if they are getting near to the end of the road for Judas Priest.

Here is what Ian Hill told to Canadian radio Thorn of Rock about retiring:

“It’s not on the cards. We did try and slow down. That’s what the Epitaph tour was all about. Richie came onboard with boundless enthusiasm and energy, and we’re back at doing albums and full-blown tours again, and we’re all loving every minute of it. So there’s no talk at the moment of [stopping], but it will come, obviously.

You can’t ignore age. But, like I say, as long as we can get out there and put on quality performances, we will do so. If the performances start to drop and the material starts to become substandard by our standards, then, yeah, maybe it’s time to call it a day. But that’s still not on the horizon yet.”

Ian Hill also commented about if Judas Priest can continue without any original members:

“It’s a tough call, that one. Rob and myself are the senior members of the band at the moment. Glenn’s still there in the background, and he’s still working on new material for the next album, so he still has an input there. But Richie’s been with us now for nearly nine years. Scott’s been with us for about 30, nearly 40 years, whatever it is.

Like I say, you can’t ignore age. Rob and myself, we’re the senior members of the band, so we only have a limited amount of time left. But how much time that is, who knows? I mean, look at The Rolling Stones— they’re in their mid-70s and they’re still battling on. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do that.”

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