As you know, heavy metal veterans Judas Priest prepearing to release the new studio album. Producer of the band, Andy Sneap explained his thoughts on new album in an interview with Hardwired Magazine. He said:

“I think it’s got a lot of energy about it. When I first got involved with them we had 26 ideas that we were working on, which we boiled down to 14 or 15 now.  And there’ll probably be 12 or 11 songs on that album. We haven’t decided which ones yet. I think it has a really good energy and a lot of classic moments. 

Rob’s singing is great, Richie is on fire on it. We really pushed the bounds and had them play together in the studio. We took the templates from the band playing together rather than demos. Glenn originally wanted to do it like on the last few albums and use the demos as templates. I made them actually play as a band. I think we got quite a fresh feel on it and took quite an old-school approach.

We got Rob to work on the harmonies for the verses. The first meeting I had with them, I didn’t even know Rob was going to be there. And I went to Glenn’s house, and he and Richie were there. And then the doorbell rang and it was Rob, and I thought ‘Oh, fucking hell’ (laughs). And within the first thirty minutes, I was telling Rob how to sing and I thought to myself ‘shut up, I’m telling Rob Halford how to fucking sing’ (laughs).

But it went cool, I told him I wanted that “British Steel” mid-range and he told me ‘yeah, I don’t want to sing like a pop singer. You’ve got to push me a bit, I can be a bit lazy.’ Rob did great. Tell you what, they have so much experience and there’s no ego there at all. We do six or seven passes, and I’d ask him to try something a bit different on this part and he’d be like ‘no problem, give me another four takes.’ And Tom Allom and I would sit there, and we pretty much agree on everything. Another thing Rob’s really good at is harmonizing with himself. “

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