Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner recently had an argument with new generation blues legend, Joe Bonamassa on Twitter.

Everything started with Joe’s tweet… Joe shared a video of him which led users to Ultimage Guitar article, “Watch Joe Bonamassa Play Shred Metal on Unexpected Guitar,” and he wrote:

“What’s going on fellas? Slow news day? I did this for fun and had fun doing it… now it’s on your site to be rated by some bullshit number system. Next time.. promote an unknown player that could use the exposure.”

Then Richie Faulkner responded:

“Calm down joe and stop acting like a spoilt tit. Everyone judges, good and bad and at the core of all this, it’s just people giving their opinions on one of the greatest players on the planet today. Maybe the site also had fun doing what they do the same way you did. Lighten up.

You’re right, think of all the guitar players that work for years and can only dream of ANY kind of exposure. You ‘do something for fun’ and it’s seen thousands of times with a vast majority of positive comments and you slag it off. You’re an inspiration. What’s the issue?”

Joe answered:

“You know Richie it is very simple… If your job is social media at a media co. your performance is judged by two things.. Views and Engagements. It is really easy to accomplish both with a wind up post (click bait) and very hard with an unknown subject or person. Safe travels.

I am long past caring about the comments about my playing from people on the internet. It’s not gonna change anything about how I play nor my approach. I do care when a media outlet attempts to start a pile on at my expense. That I do not appreciate at all.”

Here are these tweets: