In a recent interview with The Korea Times, Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill has shared his thoughts on the idea of ‘rock is dead’.

He said that ‘there is a great future for rock and heavy metal’. Here’s the statement:

I don’t agree with the idea that rock is dead or anywhere near. In my experience, the festivals that we play at are better attended than ever and there are more young faces in the audience than old ones, so there is a great future for rock and heavy metal.

He also advised young musicians to “keep improving where you can and be patient. If you’ve got something good going, someone will notice sooner or later,” he said.

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A week ago, former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy spoke about the same topic. He said:

“I guess there’s two ways of looking at it. Are we talking about the music or the business? Because if you’re talking about the music, I couldn’t disagree more. I think rock, as an art form, just keeps growing and growing and blossoming and blossoming, and you have all these subgenres that just keep growing.

And you have all the great music from 50 years ago and all the great music being made today. So, musically, I couldn’t disagree more. But if you’re talking about as a business, it’s harder and harder in modern times for not only musicians to make a living, but even the people that are not the musicians — record companies or instrument-selling companies or retailers, whether it be music stores that sell instruments or record stores that sell CDs and records.

Rock as a business is going through the toughest times it’s ever been through. When I was coming around, you had thousands of bands selling millions of records. Now you have millions of bands selling thousands of records. Artists and musicians have to think of new ways to make a living.”

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