Sepultura lead guitarist Andreas Kisser counted the bands that influenced him throughout his music career during an interview with Louder Sound he joined recently. He pointed out that Judas Priest was an inspiration for him to improve himself and added that the group was not ashamed of being a metal act, unlike Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

Judas Priest has been considered one of the biggest metal bands as it has gained massive success worldwide by selling more than 50 million records. The group announced its name to the world with the sixth studio album entitled ‘British Steel‘ released in 1980. Singles like ‘Breaking The Law’ and ‘Metal Gods’ from the album passed into history as the band’s best-known songs.

Besides the fans, the musicians in the rock and metal acts have considered Judas Priest one of the best representations of the heavy metal genre in the music scene. Judas Priest members have been content to be defined as a heavy metal band, whereas Deep Purple and Black Sabbath don’t appreciate the definition. 

In a past interview with BBC News, Black Sabbath’s guitarist mentioned that they did not want to be defined as a heavy metal band, although many accepted them as one of the pioneers of this genre. Tony Iommi stated that the heavy metal term was made up later and added that the original was the heavy rock.

Tonny Iommi said in his words:

“We called it heavy rock. The term heavy metal came about from a journalist when I came back from America. He said, ‘You’re playing heavy metal,’ and I said, ‘No, it’s heavy rock. What’s that?'”

Andreas Kisser counted Judas Priest among the bands which gave direction to his music career during a recent interview. According to Kisser, ‘British Steel’ was a significant album that provided him to play Judas Priest songs as they were easy to play and powerful. The guitarist said that the songs were a good start for a new heavy metal player. He stated that ‘British Steel’ fully defines heavy metal. Kisser also added that Judas Priest was proud to be a heavy metal act, unlike Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

Kisser explained:

“‘British Steel’ was so important because it gave me the opportunity to play Judas Priest’s music. It was simple enough and, at the same time, powerful! You could feel the power behind those power chords. If you want to learn about heavy metal guitar playing, it’s a great start. If you want to define heavy metal, then ‘British Steel’ is what it’s all about. Judas Priest were never ashamed of being a metal band, like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath were.”

As he revealed recently, Judas Priest has an important place in his music career for Andreas Kisser. The band was a great inspiration for him as a representative of heavy metal. According to Kisser, Judas Priest was not ashamed of their heavy metal music, but Deep Purple and Black Sabbath weren’t entirely against being called heavy metal bands; they had different ideas on the genre.