Judas Priest’s bassist Ian Hill recently talked about his bandmate Rob Halford‘s current health status, especially after he gave his fans a scare when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020.

Since their formation in 1969, Judas Priest has been a vital figure in rock music and is still going strong with their performances and touring. The latest album they released as a band was in 2018, but they continue to delight their fans by performing for them.

The band’s singer Rob Halford was with the band until 1992. He later left to return in 2003 and has performed as a member since. Unfortunately, back in 2020, the singer was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He went through surgery to remove his entire prostate gland. Later in 2021, there was more tissue with cancer cells found. He had to go through radiotherapy to get rid of the compromised cells and was healing.

His diagnosis hasn’t stopped him from continuing to perform after healing. At the beginning of April 2022, he contracted a cold which prevented him from playing with his band, and they canceled the shows. Thus, their fans were once again worried about the singer. Recently, his bandmate Hill addressed the question of Halford’s health in his interview and said the singer is fine.

Here is what Hill stated:

“Dramas all around! There’s never a good time to have heart trouble unless you’re four miles away from a heart hospital, and there’s never a good time to have cancer treatments unless you suddenly find out you’ve got an enforced two years off. But Rob’s fine. He’s back to his normal self. We’ve had worrying times over the past few years, and we’re so gratified to still be able to do this.”

The band is generally happy to be still performing. Halford goes through anything that could obstruct him from playing, but he doesn’t give up. Fortunately for the fans, Halford is finally ‘back to normal.’