Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford joined an interview with Heavy Consequence in which he explained why he thinks having rivalries with other bands is fun.

As you may know, there was a rivalry between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, especially in the 1980s. Although both performed on the same stage several times during tours, they were two competing metal acts of that era.

However, things got somewhat bitter when Maiden issued harsh statements targeting Priest on the press. This incident sparked off the tension between two bands and Priest guitarist K.K. Downing responded to this by claiming they were way ahead of Maiden. More recently, Bruce Dickinson also criticized Halford for using a teleprompter.

Talking about the competitive atmosphere between the two bands, Rob Halford said in a previous interview that this was a healthy rivalry. He then said he would want to share the same stage with Maiden.

Rob Halford told Consequence in 2019 that:

“When we talk about rivalry, healthy rivalry, it’s like the Arizona Cardinals and the Raiders or the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors. It’s that kind of rivalry, a good rivalry. It’s a fun rivalry.

But I think both bands have admired each other throughout the metal years, and it would be a spectacular event – Priest and Iron Maiden together.”

More recently, in a new interview, Rob Halford talked about the rivalries with other bands again. He resembled healthy rivalry to sports as he did in the previous interview. Following that, Halford claimed that this kind of rivalry drives one to be better and careful.

Rob Halford told Heavy Consequence that:

“I think rivalries are fun as long as they’re not harmful. I equate it with sports; I love the Phoenix Suns and there’s a lot of people who hate the Phoenix Suns, but not in the truest sense of what that horrible word means.

So the competition, the rivalry, I think it’s healthy. It drives us. It stops us from being complacent because that’s what you can become if you’re not careful in this world, in music, as you know.”

Although Rob Halford did not name a band in his statements, it seems that he is mainly implying the rivalry between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Today, both bands continue to pursue successful musical careers after all those years. Moreover, it is no doubt that fans would love to see two metal legends on the same stage.