During a recent podcast with Rock Talk, Judas Priest’s frontman and known as The Metal God, Rob Halford talked about his Christmas album, which is featuring 12 songs and will be released in October.

Rob Halford explained what influenced him in making this album and claimed that he will become Mariah Carey of heavy metal with his Christmas album.

Here’s what Rob Halford told to Mitch Lafon:

“Sort-of become the heavy metal, Mariah Carey.”

Rob Halford also has shared his thoughts on how he feels work with the son of Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill, Alex Hill.

He stated:

“He’s a great worker, as a bass player, as a musician. The guys were getting together, doing all these great arrangements with Robert Jones and Jon Blakely – our two guitar players – they shared every step of this way together.

They would send me demos while I was around the world doing Priest and ‘Firepower,’ and I was blown away by what I was hearing. It became a very strong moment; this isn’t your kind of pre-anticipated kind of, ‘We know what Rob’s gonna do, he’s gonna bang up some Christmas songs.’

This is a beautifully thought-out, very professionally polished piece of work, and I’m not saying that for me, I’m saying that for the guys, Mike [Exeter, producer] and everybody else that did such a great job.

The things that are coming out of speakers and headphones, I’m very very happy and thrilled and excited about what the guys were able to create.”

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