One of the coolest vocals of the metal community, Judas Priest singer Rob Halford has shared a very emotional photo of the late Motörhead legend Lemmy Kilmister.

While we were enjoying the new year, Rob Halford mourned for the legendary bass guitarist Lemmy and shared his unforgettable photo on his official Instagram account via Instagram Stories.

In that picture, Lemmy and Phil were holding a banner about celebrating the new year and wishing for the Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Here is what the banner says that Phil holds:

“Have a fucking new year.”

The banner that Lemmy holds:

“… And don’t forget to Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

You can check the photo below.

Yesterday, Rob Halford also shared a clip from the good old days that we can see him singing the song named Living After Midnight on the stage.

One day later, fans watched the video over 38.000 times and some of the people left some crazy reactions in the comment section of the post.

Here is what Rob Halford captioned:

“Hairy fucking metal!”

A fan named Elizabeth Tyler said:

“You will be always my number one”

Another fan named Brent Pritt said:

“Favorite Song, and video that got me hooked on you”

You can check the video below.