Judas Priest frontman and also the co-founding member of the band, Rob Halford, has been interviewed by Metal Hammer this week and shared which Japanese metal band would he dreams to collaborate with.

As you may already know, Judas Priest frontman released his new book named ‘Confess: The Autobiography’ at the end of the last year and shared the details of his decades of journey as a member of one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all. The book was selected as one of the ‘Best Music Books Of 2020‘ by Kirkus Reviews and Rolling Stone.

In his latest ever interview, Rob recalled the day Judas Priest shared the same stage with Janapese heavy metal band ‘Babymetal’ at the ‘2016 Alternative Music Awards’ and admitted that it would be a dream to make a one-off special song with the band one day.

Here is what Halford said:

“I was delighted to be asked. It was such a hectic day that it was over in a flash, but it was a blast. It would be great to jump in on a ‘Gimme Chocolate!!‘ or a ‘Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!’. But, even more than that, I would love to sing in Japanese, because I’ve never done anything like that.

“It would be a thrill to sing a Babymetal song, but, rather than one of their existing songs I’d like to do something unique. We could make a one-off special, that would be a dream. Maybe when Priest goes to Japan next, we can stop in a studio and do an original song. Call it ‘Fox God Metal God’!

“Once I knew I was going to do it [the 2016 show], I thought about their outfits and went to the vintage store and got a black and red pseudo leather jacket, a black and red t-shirt from Amazon and I bought some black and red sneakers as well. So, I actually put together an outfit exclusively for Babymetal. It’s in my closet still somewhere.”

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