Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford talked about Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, in an interview with Trunk Nation. He said:

“Well, I’ve always likened the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to, like, the NFL or the NBA or baseball. It’s recognition, you know, and it’s wonderful when you get these kinds of opportunities.

So I, for one, would welcome it. I think we deserve it. [Laughs] But, yeah, I’m thrilled that Deep Purple have got their acclamation as well. And I see that — ’cause, you know, I try and stay ahead on the news — I see they’re going out with Alice [Cooper] and The Edgar Winter Band later this year. That will be a thrill to go and check out.”

We will see in the coming years whether Judas Priest will be a Hall of Fame. Probably this honor will be given to them.