Speaking in a press conference in Indonesia, Judas Priest singer Rob Halford has shared his opinion on Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

He’s very comfortable about it and said ‘ we will get in there eventually’. Here’s the statement:

“Everybody has different opinions on this Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It’s kind of a controversial issue for some musicians. And I think everybody in the band has a slightly different observation on it.

But I think on the whole, it’s no different to the other institutions of the same experience in America, like the Basketball Hall Of Fame and the Football Hall Of Fame. If you are included in that kind of place, it’s something of an honor, because you’re surrounded by your peers, you’re surrounded by the people who enjoyed the same life and experience in that kind of endeavor.

So if that does happen for Judas Priest, I think it will be a wonderful moment, because we’re a British heavy metal band and the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is an American institution, but it still carries weight around the world. So we’ll wait and see. I think we will get in there eventually, hopefully.”

You can watch the entire statement below. Click here to source of the content.

By the way, Cleveland.com has shared the results of fan vote for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2019 induction. Here are the results:

1. Def Leppard – 547,647 votes
2. Stevie Nicks – 427,844
3. Todd Rundgren – 365,370
4. The Zombies – 329,052
5. The Cure – 264,443
6. Janet Jackson – 218,581
7. Devo – 186,754
8. Roxy Music – 167,307
9. Rage Against the Machine – 148,208
10. Radiohead – 140,458
11. John Prine – 136,746
12. LL Cool J – 119,657
13. Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – 99,724
14. Kraftwerk – 87,456
15. MC5 – 85,304.