Judas Priest co-founder and the frontman of the band, Rob Halford, was recently interviewed by Hattie Collins of Apple Music this week and recalled the days he decided to come out as a gay man twenty-three years ago.

As you may already know, Judas Priest frontman is one of the most famous personalities in the music scene who declared his homosexuality in public. You may remember that back in 1998, he made a special interview with MTV’s New York Office and in his rare statement, Rob exposed his sexuality to encourage other people who are afraid to reveal their sexuality.

In that interview, The Metal God stated that most people in his life already know that he’s been a gay man all of his life. While admitting that he’s been comfortable with his sexuality forever, he also unveiled that he always felt comfortable addressing it in his life.

To celebrate Pride Month, Judas Priest icon was interviewed by Apple Music and recalled the day he declared his sexuality in public. The Metal God admitted that right after the interview, he went to his hotel room and the first thing he felt was the ‘enormous feeling of freedom.’

Here is what Judas Priest frontman said:

“It was one of those gay sharp intakes. Oh my God, he’s come out. So it was very simple. I think if I’d… I still say today, if I’d have really thought this through like today’s the day I’m going to come out, maybe I even wouldn’t…

Maybe I may not have come out per se, because it’s still a big moment for so many of us, with a close friend, with someone at school, with Mum and Dad, with whomever, to actually say, ‘Hey, I’m a gay guy or I’m a gay girl.’ It’s just a big, big deal. It’s just a glorious, glorious moment.”

The Metal God continued:

“I did the interview, and then I walked back to the hotel, and went back to my room, and go well, that’s it, now everybody knows. And then, of course, it hit the news wires and that was that. So wow, it was just this enormous feeling of freedom, and the pressure was gone, and there’s no more talking behind your back because you have all this ammunition of power as a gay person now, as an out gay person.

Nothing can hurt you because this is it. You can’t throw insults, you can’t throw rumours, you can’t say anything negative about me because I am who I am. So that’s my wonderful memory of my great coming out day.”

You can check out the interview of Rob right below.