Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford recently made an appearance on New York’s 102.3 WBAB radio station for an interview during which he revealed his source of inspiration while deciding to record a blues solo album.

Back in 2019, Rob Halford released his Christmas album ‘Celestial’ under Rob Halford With Family And Friends. The musician collaborated with his brother, nephew, sister, and fellow musicians in this album. Besides, the record proved that Halford could also explore other styles successfully.

After releasing ‘Celestial,’ Rob Halford started considering making a blues album. He stated that he always yearned to do a blues record, and this might be the next step for Rob Halford With Family And Friends. In May 2021, Halford revealed that he has enough material to record the album, and fans began awaiting the release.

In a recent interview with 102.3 WBAB radio station, Rob Halford talked about his love of blues and said there wouldn’t be rock and roll without the blues. He then stated he was listening to iconic blues musicians like Muddy Watters and Little Richard while growing up. According to Halford, blues have played an essential role in music history.

Moreover, Halford recalled the time he recorded ‘Celestial’ with his friends and family and said that was the time he first thought of making a blues record. The musician then revealed that they have lots of new music material, and he is sure he will eventually release the record.

In the interview with 102.3 WBAB radio station, Rob Halford said the following about making a blues record:

“I love the blues. Without the blues, we wouldn’t have rock and roll. The blues was born here in the United States and then slowly mutated into all these incredible styles and different dynamics and variations.

Man, I think back to those originators, like Little Richard, Bill Haley, the anchor of the blues like Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, all these great people. So I was listening to those great performers as I was growing up as a kid. I love the blues, man. And I think most metal musicians would acknowledge the blues for playing such an important role.”

He then continued:

“So, here’s the deal. I made a Christmas album with my brother and my nephew and some friends recently called ‘Celestial,’ and while we were there, I was saying to the guys, ‘I’ve got this thing about knocking around some blues ideas.’ And that’s all the guys needed.

They went away while I’ve been busy with Priest, and we put together a substantial amount of material. And when I find time, we’re going to bang it out. I’d love us to play in a room live together, because they’re really talented.

My brother is a drummer. My nephew is a bass player; he’s the son of the great bass god, Ian Hill. And then we’ve got J.B. [Jon Blakey] on guitar, who was with us on ‘Celestial.’ So we’re going to keep it simple.

But I’m excited. I’ve got all the stuff on my phone like we do — that’s a danger — and I listen to it, and I get stoked about the possibility. So it’ll happen eventually, I’m sure.

It appears like the music material needed to record the album is ready, but Rob Halford isn’t sure about when he will enter the studio to work on it. So, fans will need to wait some more to listen to the record.