Legendary singer of Judas Priest, Rob Halford posted a sweet photo of late metal singer Ronnie James Dio to celebrate his birthday.

Rob shared the photo with this caption:

“I love you Ronnie. Stand up and shout for Dio maniacs blast some Ronnie!”

He also added these hashtags:

“🤘🏻😈🎤🔊🔥power19 #heavymetal #ink #tattoo #remember #celebrate #loud #power #singer #master #icon #legend #hero #king #mentor #family #friends #fans #love #together #one #world”

Check out the photo below.

Back in January 2019, Rob talked about possible retirement of Judas Priest, and said:

“All of us in Priest are very creative people, and if you have the ability and you have the desire to be in a situation where you’re making your music, that really is what Priest has been doing forever.

We’re a working metal band. We go out on these big, massive world tours to support our latest work… [collection of] songs that we’ve made. And so I can’t see any reason to stop unless there’s an absolutely good reason. I mean, I can imagine Glenn and Richie [Faulkner, guitar] and myself sitting down again sometime in the near future and writing new metal. We wanna do that.

The inspiration that our fans have given us and all of our friends in the media that have given us from the success of ‘Firepower’… While you’ve got the ‘Firepower’ roaring, why would you wanna stop? We’ll just keep going and going. We don’t have any end in sight.”

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