Judas Priest singer Rob Halford spoke in an interview with Q103 Radio, and revealed the importance of music for whole humanity.

He said that “music is about communication”. Interviewer asked:

“You have broken so many barriers with heavy metal, even from fashion, from wearing leather and studs, and breaking barriers, it’s not easy. Did you ever second-guess yourself or did you always just fit?”

Rob responded:

“It’s a wonderful subject, this whole business of breaking barriers and tearing down walls. A lot of wall language going down in America.

You know what walls do? Walls divide people, walls create a barrier of silence, and the great thing that music has always been able to do is to break through walls.

Music is about communication, music is about talking with each other through the songs, through the shows that we go to.

When metal maniacs come together, have a few drinks or hang out in the parking lot, I know they talk about stuff other than music, that’s a natural human thing, so this is a great thing about the power of heavy metal as a music source, to break through any kind of issues, hate, intolerance, prejudice on any level.

Metal maniacs have this great capacity to love each other and help each other, get through difficult times together, so this is a glorious thing about the life of being a metal maniac. The fact that there are millions of us around the world doing great things with the music that we love…”

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