Judas Priest’s iconic frontman and famously known as The Metal God, Rob Halford was the recent interview guest of Full Metal Jackie, and he talked about the current status of his band, as well as the Rock & Metal community.

He also shared the struggle of him which is going for years in the Metal industry by saying that he has to pay his dues.

Here is what he said:

“You tend to remember the early years more significantly. Because, as any band will tell you that’s had the great joy of having a long life in music, those early years were…

It’s a struggle. You have to pay your dues — you have to play every bar, every club, every pub; anywhere you can plug in the amps, you do that.”

Rob continued:

“And then, ‘We have some money, guys. Do we spend it on food or gas for the van? We’ve gotta get gas in the van.’ That kind of thing.

So to go from that place to this place, 50-odd million-plus records later, with 50 years to celebrate alongside it, is just truly magical.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.

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