The Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins answered the questions addressed by the fans on his YouTube channel ‘Justin Hawkins Rides Again.’ Hawkins revealed the song’s name he wished he would have written when an audience asked.

Justin Hawkins, well-known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of The Darkness, has influenced the rock scene as he has been inspired by many impactful names like Queen and Aerosmith. The vocalist’s falsetto voice in singing has gained a reputation for him. Hawkins’ voice, defined as operatic, has resembled Freddie Mercury’s singing voice.

Hawkins announced his name to the world, especially after The Darkness’ debut album entitled ‘Permission To Land’ gained massive success by selling over a million. The band won three Brit Awards, including Best British Group, Best British Rock Act, and Best British Album.

The most recent work they created was the 2021 album called ‘Motorheart.’ While the fans have been wondering whether they would come up with something new, Justin Hawkins stated that the group would release at least three more albums.

Recently, when a fan asked about the song he wished he would have written, Hawkins revealed that it would be Ron Sexsmith’s song called ‘Secret Heart,’ which was a masterpiece according to him.

When asked about the song he wished he would have written, Hawkins said:

“There’s a Ron Sexsmith song called ‘Secret Heart,’ I think is a world classic. I wish I’d written that.”

Later, Hawkins added Richard Thompson’s ‘I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight’ by indicating that he found Thompson’s works very successful. According to him, there were many songs worth all the expensive things in the world. However, their actual value is about the joy of listening to them. The vocalist chose Queen as an alternative answer to the question.

About his alternative to the first choice, Justin Hawkins continued:

“There are a few things in the Richard Thompson catalog that I think are great anything of them. ‘I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight.’ I don’t know if I ever really feel if I wish I’d written or been jealous of; I think there are some great songs in the world that would be paid for an enormous house and a speed boat and a fast car and a helipad with a helicopter, and all that stuff.

But, the fact that those songs exist is its own reward, really, isn’t it? You get to listen to it and enjoy it. Anything from the Queen catalog would be my alternative answer.”

You can watch the entire Q/A and listen to ‘Secret Heart’ below.