In a recent interview with Classic Rock, The Darkness lead vocalist-guitarist Justin Hawkins revealed that the band would release at least three more albums.

The Darkness announced its name to the rock world with its debut album, entitled ‘Permission to Land,‘ in 2003. The album sold more than one million, and the group was considered worthy of three Brit Awards, including Best British Group, Best British Rock Act, and Best British Album.

The band released the most recent album ‘Motorheart‘ on November 19, 2021. ‘Jussy’s Girl,’ ‘Nobody Can See Me Cry,’ and the title track came out as singles. The Darkness also would hit the road for an extensive UK tour to promote the album.

Recently, Justin Hawkins stated that he hoped there would come at least three more albums from The Darkness in the future. As the rocker mentioned, they always acted extremely mindful while making an album to ensure they were content with what they created. According to him, nobody would find their work excellent if they did not.

Justin Hawkins said when the interviewer asked about his future hopes:

“There’s some more Darkness albums to be done. At least three in that time, I would say. Every time we make an album, we should be proud of it, and that means lavishing time and attention and chasing every idea. I can’t see the point in doing something that isn’t amazing. If we don’t think it’s amazing, who the f*ck else is going to think it is amazing?”

Thus far, The Darkness has released seven studio albums and has impacted the rock scene since the beginning of their career. The band has continued to create and work, and they have plans on their minds to release upcoming records.