Judas Priest co-founder and original guitarist KK Downing explained why he left the band during a recent appearance on The Ex-Man Podcast.

KK Downing revealed that things started to get messy back in 2010. He said that he wasn’t happy about the live performances of the band, which is lead his departure from Judas Priest.

Even though KK Downing said that he loves the other guitarist of the band, Glenn Tipton, he pointed out that Glenn would have drunk so many beers before and also during the shows.

Because of that, they weren’t as good as Downing wanted them to be. Furthermore, Downing also mentioned in the interview that their singer Rob Halford was dealing with his solo project at the same time.

Therefore, KK Downing felt that it would be a time to take a step back, which is completely understandable if you are trying to do your best and not happy with what your surroundings have been doing.

KK Downing on his departure from Judas Priest:

“In 2010, things were coming to a boil; things were happening. I wasn’t happy with the previous tour because… I love Glenn and I respect him a lot, but he used to have too many beers before and during the concerts at the time.

And I don’t know what was going on. We had words about it. But musically, we weren’t as footsure as I felt I wanted to be. I wasn’t really happy with that. It was rock and roll. It’s one of those things – it’s rock ‘n’ roll, or you’re a band that really wants to lock it in tight.

And that’s what I used to get off on musically – was being really solid and locked in with those kick drums. You’re either Keith Richards, and he’s got a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other but you’re still playing the guitar, or you’re really digging deep.

It’s a long-winded thing, but Rob was doing a lot of things with his own band – touring, doing the Ozzfest. He released two studio albums the year I left – in that year, 2010. And then I was getting pressured to do an EP, and I’m going, ‘We’re not an EP band.’”

Further in the conversation, KK Downing revealed that the band released false information about his departure from Judas Priest and talked about what really happened.